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Lake Park & Kingsland Welcome Centers

  1. Managing Director

Modernizations of State Welcome Centers in Lake Park and Kingsland, Georgia. Both sites received numerous upgrades to parking lot and existing facilities. Some typical upgrades were parking lot striping, sidewalks, ramps, and picnic pavilion restorations and an addition of a new structural steel pavilion in Lake Park.
The existing 5,450 sq ft Lake Park facility was modernized and a 3,618 sq ft addition was added which included new restrooms and mechanical rooms for the facility. The new space contains a large men’s and women’s restroom to accommodate interstate travelers. These restrooms were built to satisfy all ADA standards and accommodate a large number of occupants. New HVAC and exhaust systems were added to the facility with full DDC controls. The renovations of the existing space included new finishes, mechanical and plumbing systems, and lighting. New flooring was added throughout. The addition at this facility was built to stringent structural standards so that it could be utilized by travelers seeking shelter from storms while traveling up I-75.
The existing 5,500 sq ft facility in Kingsland received a complete mechanical system and electrical retrofit. New ventilation and HVAC equipment was added to the facility. All water and sewer lines were replaced under slab and overhead. Minor modifications to the roof structure were made to accommodate the new HVAC equipment mounted on the roof. A new modified bitumen roof was installed to protect the facility for years to come. Numerous finishes were replaced throughout the building and recently renovated restrooms were protected during construction because they were left untouched under this contract.


Location: Lake Park & Kingsland, GA
Owner:  GSFIC
Architect: Wiley Wilson
Size: 5,500 SF per site